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skincare routine

skincare routine

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my mom always told me to take care of my skin and i never really listened when i was younger but now that i'm older, all i care about is my skincare! 

i feel like i might have mastered this routine and found the best products for my skin.. 

i start off with cleansing my skin. i either use the glossier milky jelly cleanser along with my clarisonic or if i feel like my face needs it, i'll use the skin inc. pure revival peel. this thing is so cool! its this jelly gel that you put on your face and when it turns milky, you start to rub in circles and it turns into an exfoliant that removes all your dead skin! (yuck but also COOL!) 

once a week sometimes twice, i will do a face mask. i'm a huge fan of the glossier mask duo. on my nose and chin i use the mega greens galaxy pack and everywhere else, i use the moisturizing moon mask. i think combining the two works the best for me bc each one targets my problem areas. 

before anything, i like to go in with my indie lee COQ-10 toner. not lying when i say this, but my skin has gotten a million times better since i started using this stuff back in august. all you have to do is put some on a round cotton pad and wipe your face with it. kinda gross/crazy how much dirt will still be on your face post-cleansing.

after i like to go in with the burts bees blemish stick  this stuff is unreal! if i have a pimple i will use this everyday day and night for like three days and my pimple will completely disappear! thx mom for that recommendation ;) 

next i like to focus on my eyes. i start with the milk makeup cooling water stick.  i like using this product because it has caffeine in it and i feel like that helps my puffy eyes in the morning. after the cooling water stick, i go in with the khiel's creamy eye treatment w/ avo. this stuff is unreal!!! 

now for the most important part, my FACE! i start off with the khiels daily reviving concentrate this stuff was heaven sent! saved my face from the brutal nyc winter. i follow that up with any of the three glossier serums. i bought the super pack when they first came out bc i was so excited to try all three! i usually interchange between the three but lately, i've been using super bounce (thx brisk nyc wind for drying my skin..) after the serums, i go in with the milk makeup hydrating oil stick bc who doesn't want extra moisturized skin?! i end the routine w/ my holy grail product, dr jart cicapair tiger grass color correcting treatment. this stuff RULES! it has spf in it so i don't have to worry about having to add a sunscreen to my routine. it makes my skin all an even tone. sometimes if i'm feeling extra lazy, i will use this and not add any bb cream or anything on top of it bc i think it does such an amazing job! 



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